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Cornerstone Surveying is a close knit group that really cares about their community, their work and each other.  They are a very dependable group of family men that takes their work and your projects very seriously. Meet our team below.

Jim Higby, PLS
Founder/ President overseeing Fort Smith office

Jim is the founder and president of Cornerstone Land

Surveying, Inc., has 30 years of experience in the profession and is licensed in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. 

Hagan Higby
Survey tech/ Lidar Specialist

Hagan wore his first criew chief hat at the age of 1. Later on after high school, he has quickly become an accomplished survey tech, performing deed research, survey calculations, and crew prep. He has also become very adept at processing our lidar scan projects and topo surveys. 

Briana Higby

Briana has been with Cornerstone for over two years. She is currently finishing a drafting degree at UA-Morrilton. Her focus and attention to detail has made her one of our primary draftsmen and a tremendous asset to the company. 

Allen W. Miller, II, PLS
Licensed Surveyor overseeing Clarksville office

Allen has been with Cornerstone Surveying over 17 years. He has become an integral part of the success of the company. He is licensed in Arkansas and Kansas and has a bachelor's degree in Emergency Management. 

Chandler Hodge

Chandler worked for Cornerstone part-time while in high school. He fell in love with the work and decided to make a career of it. Now he has advanced to become one of our primary draftsman and has become a very valued member of the company. 

Josh Sullivan
Crew Cheif In-training

Josh has been with Cornerstone for almost a year.  In his short time, he's proven to be trustworthy and very hard working. 

Bryce Sanderson.jpeg
Bryce Sanderson
Crew Chief- In training

Bryce just started with us, but he's known to be a great guy and a hard worker. We believe he'll become a great asset to the company. 

Joseph Teague
Crew Cheif In-training

Joseph has been with Cornerstone for almost a year. He's in training to be a party chief and a drone pilot. 

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