Cornerstone Surveying has a developed a diverse clientele and a long list of services over the last 21 years. 

Individual real estate owners: We love helping new property owners with everything from locating a single corner pin, to marking a boundary line for a new fence. We can even help them save money on flood insurance by doing an elevation certificate. We try to simplify the experience of real estate ownership for Fort Smith and surrounding area residents. 

Commercial Real Estate Developers/ Capital Funding Groups: Cornerstone works with a myriad of commercial property owners, developers and large scale capital funding groups on everything from nursing home facilites, to large shopping centers, to chain gas stations, and so on. Our staff is adept in performing the ALTA/ NSPS Land Title Surveys and Zoning reports required for many of those transactions. Commercial real estate often requires an extra level of due diligence, and we endeavor to simplify that process. Holding surveying licenses in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri, allows us to handle everything from those large scale multi-location portfolios to single site locations anywhere in the five-state region. 


Cornerstone works with a number of architects to provide building as-builts and topographic surveys for design purposes. 

Civil Engineers

Cornerstone Surveying is uniquely positioned to be an asset to many larger engineering firms. The reason is simple. We're not the competition. We are Professional Land Surveyors only. But we do have access to many engineers that are willing to work with us on various projects, from subdivisions, to utility line extensions and so on. 

Heavy Equipment Contractors

Cornerstone Surveying has the staff and experience for most construction layout projects. From serving as a secondary quality control check on critical building projects, to road, utility, and site layout projects, we have you covered. Our construction layout supervisor has over 37 years of land surveying and construction layout experience. He is very meticulous in his work, and he's easy to get along with. We've found that to be a winning combination. We are the region's premier 3D model builder for automated machine control as well. We love working with job superintendents to ensure the data is correct so he/ she can keep the dirt moving and the project on schedule. 

Local City Government

We have developed relationships with several small town mayors and leadership staff for various projects. We can help with all kinds of mapping and GIS projects, some of which are: fire hydrant locations, water and sewer feature maps, cemeteries, city limit boundaries, and so on. We are usually a lot cheaper than the large firms for the same product! 


We love working with realtors! Professional real estate agents like to keep the deal on track, and we work very hard to help them do it. We work with tight schedules all the time and have many many satisfied real estate agents to show for it. 


Cornerstone works with lenders all over the river valley area. From Ag real estate loans to residential property mortgages, we can help ensure you've got the correct property covered, along with the proper access easement to it. 

Title Companies

Title companies have really enjoyed the very few number of revisions needed to our survey plats. The reason for that is that we have a three step process to completing them. First it's drawn to completion and set aside. The draftsman then reviews it at a later time for typos and corrections. Then the Professional Land Surveyor in charge of that project combs thru it for a final review. We literally have title companies that prefer us for this reason alone.